Lost in Space: 4 Foot Jupiter 2 Restoration

013Just finished up a restoration on this lovely 4 foot Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space — The model is a very accurate replica of the actual filming miniature, in fact the hull was created using molds taken from the original 20th-Fox prop. 019

The main issue I had to address was the rebuild of the brass fabricated landing gear. The rear landing leg needed to be re-soldered, surfaced and re-painted. Also, the fusion core needed some re-fit and massaging, also a bit of re-surfacing on the lower hull needed to be done. My client, [a big collector of movie & T.V. props] also wanted to ad additional lighting to the landing gear bays, which really gave the model a nice final touch as well as a “completed” appearance as seen on the show.


4 thoughts on “Lost in Space: 4 Foot Jupiter 2 Restoration

  1. Hi, it depends, a lot of the models were commission jobs. Some of them are personal ones. Which ones were you thinking of?


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