Lost in Space: 4 Foot Jupiter 2 Restoration

013Just finished up a restoration on this lovely 4 foot Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space — The model is a very accurate replica of the actual filming miniature, in fact the hull was created using molds taken from the original 20th-Fox prop. 019

The main issue I had to address was the rebuild of the brass fabricated landing gear. The rear landing leg needed to be re-soldered, surfaced and re-painted. Also, the fusion core needed some re-fit and massaging, also a bit of re-surfacing on the lower hull needed to be done. My client, [a big collector of movie & T.V. props] also wanted to ad additional lighting to the landing gear bays, which really gave the model a nice final touch as well as a “completed” appearance as seen on the show.


16 thoughts on “Lost in Space: 4 Foot Jupiter 2 Restoration

  1. Hi, it depends, a lot of the models were commission jobs. Some of them are personal ones. Which ones were you thinking of?


  2. Hello, great work Sir! I’m in possession of a 4ft Jupiter 2. It’s my favorite ship of all the fancy flying machines created for television. IAfter sitting on her for ten years, I decided to cuto out the main viewport and start my build journey. I’m in need of parts, specifically the main viewport frame, control panels and chairs. Landing gear would be great as well depending on availability and price. If you have the capability to pour me a viewport, control counsel and chairs what would the cost be?

    I’ve talked to a couple guys who want WAY too much for a pour and pull. I understand the emotional value attached to this ship, but mine is not that strong to pay someone’s mortgage for a few ounces of resin. Let me know your pricing (if any) Sir.

    Again great work! Always happy to see a J2 come alive.



  3. Hi, thanks for your compliments! — unfortunately, at the present time I’m quite buried in work for the next several months. I do appreciate your interest though.


  4. Hi, Lars,

    I have a 2 foot 24 inch replica Jupiter 2 / Gemini 12 model but, just bare bones though!
    I have a resin flight deck/ forward control console, 2 pilot seats, main landing leg wells, upper plastic vaccumm formed bubble, resin clear cast fusion core piece.
    I need 6 acrylic laser cut landing legs cut to size for a 2ft model of the jupiter 2 , 3 main foot pads, that can be done in pressure cast resin, 3 pins, 3 landing struts for the 3 main tri-pod landing gear hopefully operational and retractable with brass parts, and aluminum struts. I should also buy a main floor backing board made from either fiber board, urathane plastic, or masonite, or just plain plywood particle board that just be cut out in a custom circle at 22 inches.

    This was the Sci-fi Metropolis one that was available as a kit in 2005 . And done by Norman Sockwell I believe. But, Lars, it was not a complete model replica kit. I believe that you had to spend $100.00 to $200.00 dollars to buy all the parts for the landing gear, paint, and primer, and main floor composite piece to complete it>
    Not to mention buying and installing a lighting effects package kit it it!

    Any idea what it would cost me for 6 laser cut acrylic landing leg pieces, 3 main backing plates, 3 main brass struts, 3 pressure cast resin foot pads, 3 ball joints, etc.
    I am looking to get it built, primed, bondoed, and painted and professionally built very soon. What would you charge me for a personal job Lars?
    Regards, Mark Dobson in Chicago IL.

  5. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your inquiry and interest. At the moment I’m very busy with several jobs, if your willing to wait, I may be able to help you with your J2 toward the end of the year.

    Best Regards,

  6. Larry,

    Thanks for your interest, but the 4 Ft. J2 was a commission job, I don’t own it, it’s long gone to it’s home.


  7. I have a 4 foot diameter, fiberglass Jupiter 2 with Engine Core (Raw\Unfinished – Main Viewport not cut out) – Also a Flying Sub (and parts thereof, Main Viewport not cut out) that I would like to sell.

    NOTE: Both main body pieces are castings from molds that were taken off of the studio production miniatures, after they (the studio production miniatures) were both restored!) The Engine Core and SOME of the Flying Sub pieces are contemporary, aftermarket parts that were made in the absence of the respective, actual parts. The Flying Sub Hatches are castings from molds that were generated from studio parts.

    Please shoot me an email if interested!


  8. Hi, thanks for your interest and message.How much are you looking to get for the the 2 castings?


  9. Never heard back from you regarding the two ships. Are you still interested? Please send me a private email!


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