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My interest in modeling and miniatures goes way back to a time in the late 60’s and early 70’s when most kids spent their off school hours fantasizing,  building models, and enjoying the outdoors. Times have changed, but the impact this hobby had on me hasn’t left.

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, and after many years as a metal fabricator (body work, sheet metal shaping) in the auto industry, I decided to turn my pastime in scale modeling into a full-time endeavor.

I have worked for various collectors and individuals who appreciate the art of miniatures. I’ve also written how-to articles for several modeling magazines and web sites. I’m also the current president of a modeling club called SCAHMS (The Southern California Area Historical Miniature Society) which is a group of top artists and modelers who come together monthly for meetings. My group also holds a yearly international show that’s been running for nearly thirty years.

After many years of battling L.A. traffic to get to and from work, I feel blessed to be able to pursue what was once a hobby, and now a full-time career!



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  1. Dear Lars,
    We like very much your Nautilus crew figueres, therefore, we would like to know, if it is possible to order the 3 66″ Naulilus figures. What does this cost inkluding freight? And would it be possilbe to send it to Germany? We have a pay pal account, so payment would be possible.

    We would appreciate your answer,

    Best regards,
    Torsten / Neuenkirchen/Germany

  2. Dear Torsten,

    Thanks for your message and comments. I painted the 3 Nautilus crew figures for a client to go with his 66″ Nautilus, unfortunately, they aren’t for sale. He got them many years back, and I converted them slightly with different poses. Thanks for your interest and sorry I couldn’t help.

    Best Regards,

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