Chasseurs a Cheval 1806

Just completed a 90mm Poste Militaire mounted Chasseur, the figure was the last piece sculpted by the great Ray Lamb, and what a beautiful figure it is! This mounted piece has a very royal and elegant pose, excellent anatomy, and wonderful detailing. The rider has a slightly arrogant, proud gaze, and is beautifully sculpted. Painting a figure of this caliber was a joy.

The figure is painted entirely in Vallejo, Andrea & Reaper acrylics. The horse was airbrushed in Vallejo “air” acrylics and sealed in dullcote lacquer. The rider was mostly brush painted, after airbrushing a base coat of Andrea acrylic. Metallic areas were mostly done with Citadel acrylics mixed with inks. The groundwork was created using a base of Aves 2-part apoxie.

Mounted Chasseur 11Mounted Chasseur 12 Mounted Chasseur 15

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