City Beneath the Sea: Vulcan Prop Restoration


I’ve recently been getting more involved with restoring original filming miniatures, and props. The above photo’s show an original screen used submarine prop originally called the “Vulcan” from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. A few years later it was converted for another Irwin Allen production called “City Beneath the Sea“, in this telefilm it became the “Cargo Sub”. The main difference is that it was shortened, and some lighting added.

A good friend of mine who collects all sorts of original props, many of which are from Irwin Allen productions commissioned me to bring this one back to life. He wanted it put in a diorama setting and give it some visual interest. To start with, I got all lights working again, fixed a bunch of cracks / damage in various places, did some airbrush touch-up on scratched and damaged areas and then created a base depicting it in a scene from City Beneath the Sea.

The tiny Pacifica buildings are all scratch built. The little Flying Sub, or I should say “Aqua Foil” which it was renamed for the film, is a Paragrafix item in 1/350th (available on Amazon). The vegetation is various dried plants from the craft store, and the ocean floor material is Sculptamold (an excellent price on Amazon if you have Prime – free shipping!), commonly used in model railroading.

006The start of one of the Pacifica buildings.

Some airbrush touch-up..

008001004010Inside the Vulcan/Cargo sub when I first got it.

They used an auto tail light bulb which was no longer working…I added the LED in front.

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