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If you’d like to talk about hiring me to work on a commission job, need some advice or just want to talk models, please use the contact form below.

If you’re company that creates model kits and modeling building supplies, I’m happy to discuss reviews and giveaways.

6 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I really love the work you did on the 4 foot Jupiter 2 model. How much would it cost for one with the working lights.

    Thank You for your time…. Jaxon

  2. Hi Jaxon,

    Thanks for your interest, do you have a 4 Jupiter 2 and want lights? or do want the entire model with lights?


  3. Hi Jaxon,

    This 4 foot I did is a Jim Key Custom Replicas model. (Very pricey) and hard to find.
    Would you be interested in a 2 foot J2?


  4. Hi Again Lars,
    I just came across the 4 foot Jupiter 2 on line and was really just trying to get a idea about how much it cost to build. I thought it was a scratch build model. I saw Jim Keys wed site and he makes some cool models. Can Jim make any more of the 4 foot Jupiter 2 models?

    Thanks Again…. Jaxon

  5. Hi Jaxon, I understand. Not sure if Jim Key produces the 4 foot anymore? you’d have to contact him. Occasionally a 4 foot will turn up on Ebay, but not very often.

    Even the 2 foot isn’t that easy to come by. Like I mentioned earlier, I have a 2 foot J2 hull and another built up (as seen on my site)

    Are you only interested in a 4 foot?


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