Diving Bell Prop – Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Diving Bell Just finished this vignette of an original “crushed” Diving Bell from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, the prop/model appeared on screen in the episode “Night of Terror” and is approx. 1/48th scale.

In a scene from the episode, the diving bell gets attacked by a giant lizard or dinosaur and destroyed. This vignette represents the aftermath. Admiral Nelson is trying to make contact with Seaview for help, while Sharkey is firing a laser rifle at the dinosaur — note the giant foot print!
Diving Bell HatchMy friend Kirk, who is a collector of Sci-Fi TV and movie props as well as a big Irwin Allen fan, commissioned me to create this scene for him.  Included is LED lighting simulating damaged wiring shorting out — to get this effect I used “arc welding” LEDs which fit the bill perfect.

Also included is a sound chip with audio from the episode, featuring dinosaur sounds and Admiral Nelson contacting Seaview. You can order this chip from Amazon: it’s called a Re-recordable Push Button Sound Chip. 

I scratch built a few additions: the hatch — blown out after the attack, Terry Beckermodified figures, Laser rifle, wood base (with battery compartment & speaker) —  the vegetation from various sources — dried flowers, aquarium plants, and some modified palm plants from the model railroad shop.

The model has one more special touch, autographs from Terry Becker (Terry Becker “Sharkey” with the Bell vignette (just started) at the 50th anniversary Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea tribute.), David Hedison, and Allan Hunt.


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