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Lost in Space Space Pod ModelNot interested in building your own model? Hire me to build it for you.

I work in most scales, both figures and vehicles (or both) are welcome. I have worked in a wide variety of subject matter as well. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical & more.

Figures: I can offer conversion, re-sculpting & enhancement. I like large, small and somewhere in between scales (most anything).

Vehicles: I can handle everything from Sci-Fi ships, aircraft, tanks or something else you had in mind. I like to breath life into vehicles by adding them to a scene, adding figures and weathering them to match their surroundings. If you prefer shiny and new, I can do that, too.

Lighting: Nothing brings a Jupiter II to life like lights!

Vintage: I specialize in bringing vintage kits back to life. Even if a ten year old started working on it back in 1960, send it to me and I’ll bring it back to life.

Tip: if you’d love to own an old Aurora model but can’t afford the “mint in box” price, look for a half built kit on eBay. You’ll get the kit cheap and I can build it as if it had never been touched before.

For prices, email me with the name of the model (a photo of the kit is even better) and your initial thoughts on add-ons such as lighting and a base. I’ll get back to you with a price in under 48 hours.


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