Lost in Space Chariot!

Just finished this Moebius Models 1:24th scale Lost in Space Chariot!

I had actually started working on this model about two years ago, and got side tracked with other jobs. Finally got back on it and got it finished. The kit was a blast to build, it is embellished with photo-etch detail, some upgraded resin bits and pieces as well as lighting and  re-worked/re-sculpted Crowsnest figures of the Robinson’s and the Bloop.Lost in Space Chariot 1

I used Vallejo acrylics throughout, weathering with artists pastels and washes. The most time spent was on the clear canopy, masking and painting the framing was quite the task. The other time consuming challenge was re-sculpting & painting the six figures, but well worth it!

Moebius Models is to be commended for all these excellent, iconic, Irwin Allen vehicle kits that have come out over the last few years, it is like a dream come true!

My Chariot was also featured in issue #56 of Amazing Figure Modeler magazine.A1yIZsEi3mL


5 thoughts on “Lost in Space Chariot!

  1. Hello! I have really taken a day, just to find these Crow nest mtauniires figures you used for the sub. But I can no find them. Attempting to make my own sub. Is there a DIRECT LINK you picked them up from. A name, e-mail address. Whatever to buy them. How much did you pay? Starting on sub soon! Please help ASAP.Kelvin. Thanks

  2. This is beautiful work (Lost in Space Chariot), It would be great if you could build my model of this as well, but I know you are crushed on time :( If you ever know for sure a time that you could finish this let me know and I’ll send it to you. Thank you, David Layton

  3. Thanks David! I would be happy to build the Chariot for you, (a personal fav) thanks for your comment. I will get back to you on that when I can for sure nail down a time, hopefully not long from now!?..

  4. Hi, these are customized figures for this model. No extras unfortunately. Thanks for asking.

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