Father Lankester Merrin from THE EXORCIST 1/4 scale bust

Just finished painting this beautiful, great 1/4 scale bust of Father Lankester Merrin from “The Exorcist” played by the great Max Von Sydow. I was really looking forward to this release, after painting the other two 1/4 scale busts from The Exorcist (my fav film!) -The figure is sculpted by Jeff Yagher.

The figure did not come with the spectacle-glasses as seen in the film, so I scratch made a pair out of very thin .015 brass wire, and soldered it together, then added two clear acetate discs. I think they added a lot to his overall iconic and dignified look.

The base is quite unique in that it depicts Fr. Merrin’s early dig in Northern Iraq when he finds the ruins of an old statue of Pazuzu the demon and antagonist in the film. The white demon face “Captain Howdy” (as Regan nicknamed him) early on in the film is depicted here, and a nice final touch.

The bust is painted in a combination of Vallejo, Cel-Vinyl, and privateer acrylics. A combination of air brush and hand painting. I also incorporated the use of pastels, always helpful in these larger scales.

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