Nautilus Crew Figures

Just finished up these converted resin 1/32nd Nautilus crew figures for an in-progress 66″ Nautilus. The figures are painted in Vallejo acrylics and sealed — the start of an ongoing project for my friend and client Jeff Porteous. This project is a bit unusual for me in that it’s for an R/C model, however it’s being treated and finished as a display model — the best of both worlds!

009¬† I’m currently working on the Wheelhouse of the Nautilus, the eventual home for these three guys. As you can see in the pic, the “Float tube” (a scratch built piece) is illuminated by a single LED. Ned is just hanging out with Nemo and crewman.

Jeff belongs to and promotes the “SubCommitee” a great source for all Submarine modelers! here’s the link¬† although the site is mostly focused on R/C modelling, there’s plenty of static Submarine subject matter here, great source!






3 thoughts on “Nautilus Crew Figures

  1. do you sell these figurines, im building a 1/25 scale naulilus and would love to put these figurines in the wheelhouse of my boat.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your interest. Most of models on my site are commission jobs, including the Nautilus crew. These were stock figures converted slightly for the clients request. If you’d like some figures painted and/or converted let me know and we can work out a price.


  3. To Mr. Vin, If I may be allowed to chime in, I would highly recommend that you take Lars’ offer in regards to painting and or converting some scale figures for your Nautilus project. There’s none better IMHO. Lars did an excellent job on repainting my 1:26 scale Lost In Space custom made figures. Lars also performed masterfully in scratching building 1:32 scale figures for my custom built Moebius Models “Flying Sub”, from “Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea”. Wishing you, Mr. Vin… All The Best! ~ Benjamin G.

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