66" Nautilus Figures & Wheelhouse

Currently working on a set of 3 figures for the wonderful Custom Replicas 66" Nautilus! Will also be building the Wheelhouse and adding lighting.


Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Diving Bell

Currently working on the screen used "damaged" -- diving bell from the episode "Night of Terror" I've been asked to create a diorama. Pics coming.


Jupiter Restoriation Coming Soon

Keep watching for photos of a large Jupiter II restoration.

4 thoughts on “News

  1. I am preparing to build a 1/700 scale model of the USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20). This is a labor of love, since it was my home for 2 years. I want this to turn out like a museum piece. I was wondering if you have any idea’s on how to create a realistic Sea Base. I would also like to know, what would be the best size of the base.

    Thank You in Advance for your Advice.

    Tony Myers
    US Navy Veteran

  2. Hi Tony, thanks for your inquiry, always happy to help a veteran! on creating realistic water for a model in 1/700 scale, I would recommend a product called “Liquitex flexible modeling paste” available in arts and crafts stores. It drys fast, and takes paint nicely. You can sculpt it around easily in it’s wet state with a palette knife. Then, it will be a matter of painting, and heavy coats of clear gloss. As far as the size of the base, I would make it a little bigger than the model, 1″-2″ inches around the model bigger, but that’s subjective. Hope this helps!


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