Timur’s Cataphract Cavalry: Chinese Mongol 90mm

Chinese Mongel 3Timur Lo Zoppo (1336-1405) better known in Europe as the “Man of Iron” conquered territory in Asia similar in extent to Alexander the Great. His army was made up of people of many nations, at the core of his army were the heavy Cataphract cavalry which is the subject of my latest.

The Pegaso 90 mm Chinese Mongol, sculpted by Victor Konnov represents one of Timur’s warriors. This mounted figure was a great deal of work in that the horse was cast in several metal pieces.

Much planning went into pinning and assembly and the temporarily mounting of both the rider and horse during the painting procedure. It was painted entirely in acrylics, with the exception of a couple of gilded areas which was accomplished in Gunze Sangyo’s “Mr. Metal”. The rest was painted in Vallejo, Andrea & Reaper acrylics.

I was able to partially airbrush some of the lower portions of the horse, but the vast majority was brush painted. The groundwork is a slightly re-worked stock item which lends itself to partially supporting the heavy metal figure.


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